Judgment Matters

About Us

Judgment Matters was started by Dawn Woodard in 2012 with the idea that she could apply her experience as a competitive golfer and her knowledge as a Certified Judgment Index Consultant, to help golfers and athletes in general develop a better understanding of how their decision making processes impact their performance in competition. This thinking led her to believe she could apply what she has learned to help golfers at all levels, as well as help coaches and instructors work with their players to maximize their ability to help them improve.

Dawn is the President of Judgment Matters. She is a three time USGA Women’s Mid-Amateur Medalist, two time USGA Women’s Mid-Amateur Quarterfinalist, three time USGA Women’s State Team Participant, two time Carolina’s Women’s Match Play Champion, recipient of the 2012,2013, and 2014 Tuft’s Award for Player of the Year in the Carolinas, five time South Carolina Women’s Match Play Champion, and five time South Carolina Women’s Stroke Play Champion. Her clients include several men’s and women’s collegiate teams, tour players on the Symetra Tour and the LPGA, and many other competitive amateur golfers, including several past USGA Champions. She also works with instructors and sports psychologists and has done presentations and seminars as part of the continuing education program within the PGA sections.