Judgment Matters

Our Approach

At Judgment Matters, we believe that success in golf, or any other sport, can be approached using the following model:

Success = (Talent + Preparation + Good Intelligence) x Judgment Capacity


Talent = physical ability

Preparation = the time and effort spent practicing in preparation for competition

Good Intelligence = understanding the details about the course you are playing, in other sports we would refer to this as knowing your opponent.

Judgement Capacity = ability to make decisions, especially under pressure or in the heat of competition.

Thousands of golfers have superior physical ability. Even those golfers that don’t shine in their physical talents have certain things in their games that they can do better than their competition.  Every golfer can learn to maximize the effectiveness of their practice and preparation for a round, and everyone can be taught how to develop a game plan to play a course.  The most important factor of all is the ability of the golfer to be able to bring all of these things together on the course by having the capacity to make good judgments about the shots they are about to play.

We help golfers develop a deep understanding of their natural tendencies for making decisions.   We help them see how these tendencies affect the way they look at a golf shot.  Once the golfer gains this basic awareness of themselves we can focus on explaining which tendencies are beneficial to them and which tendencies could use some development.  In the end, golfers that we work with have a much better understanding of why they play golf the way they do and the areas of their approach to the game that need development.