Judgment Matters

Who We Serve

Many golfers depend on others to help them with their games.  We call this group of trusted advisors a golfer’s support team.  Judgment Matters can assist a golfer’s support team in the following ways:

Swing Coaches/Instructors

We can help you, the coach or instructor, understand how your students respond to your instruction and work with you on ways to improve the effectiveness of your communication with your students, resulting in more satisfied customers.  Development of customized practice routines and feedback on key components of a player’s pre-shot routine are other areas we can assist you with.

High School and College Golf Coaches

How many times have you asked yourself this question, “What is going on inside my players’ heads?”  Chances are that if you knew, you feel like you could really help them improve their games.  Guess what?  You can know, and Judgment Matters can help you figure it out, eliminating any guesswork from the equation and saving you and your player a lot of time and frustration.

Sports Psychologists

The information provided by Judgment Matters is another tool that you, the sports psychologist, can use to help your clients improve their performance.  The assessment conducted by Judgment Matters is not a personality test or an aptitude test.  It is a behavioral assessment that measures the capacity that a person has for making decisions.  It identifies over 75 unique decision making characteristics about an individual, which will impact his or her ability to play good golf.


For a professional golfer, having the right caddy is every bit as important as finding the right mate.  There simply has to be a good fit or the relationship won’t work out over the long run.  We can help caddies understand how to best serve the players they are working for and we can help players select a caddy who will help them get the most out of their games.


You are your child’s biggest supporter, and you want to provide your child with opportunities and challenges that will make their dreams possible.  Judgment Matters will help your child and your child’s development team prepare for golf at the next level, but we will also help you understand how and why your child does things the way they do. You will be able to take that knowledge and use it to give your child the right opportunities for success in golf and in life.